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Albertson & Davidson, LLP Overview

Albertson & Davidson, LLP serves clients throughout California in matters of inheritance, trusts and wills, probate, elder financial abuse, and wrongful death. The firm has offices conveniently located in Carlsbad, El Segundo, Irvine, Redwood City, and San Francisco.

Stewart R. Albertson, Keith A. Davidson, and the firm’s other lawyers focus on litigating complex issues involving trustee theft, trust accounting, elder financial abuse, and estate matters as well as wrongful death. They are assertive trial attorneys with extensive courtroom experience who have collectively recovered millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts.

Founded in 2008, Albertson & Davidson offers clients a compassionate and skilled legal team that works to restore rightful beneficiary claims and seek justice in other legal concerns. The lawyers are focused on integrity, enthusiasm, and creativity while pursuing the most favorable results.

Albertson & Davidson, LLP Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Advanced Estate Planning; Probate Administration; Trust Administration; Estate Litigation; Probate Litigation; Financial Elder Abuse Litigation; Abused Trust Beneficiary Litigation; Contested Trust & Probate Litigation; Trustee Surcharge Litigation; Wrongful Death Litigation; Trust Contests; Trust Accounting Litigation; Trusts; Inheritance Law; Trustee Theft; Wills Contests; Undue Influence; Powers of Attorney; Trust Amendment Contest; Codicil Contest; Estate Fraud.

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