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Costa Mesa, California 92626

The Law Offices of Daniel J. Tripathi Overview

The Law Office of Daniel J. Tripathi in Costa Mesa, CA, focuses on criminal defense. The firm handles both misdemeanors and felonies on the state level and the federal level. Clients get experienced and caring representation to deal with fighting the charges.

Attorney Daniel Tripathi helps his clients navigate the judicial system and understand what is happening from prosecutors and law enforcement. He provides cost-effective and high-quality legal advice for his clients. He works hard to protect client rights through pre-trial motions.

Mr. Tripathi understands that being charged with a crime is difficult for those charged. He helps ease their burdens by communicating options and the next steps. The Law Office of Daniel J. Tripathi is successful in helping clients get the result they expect.

Year this Office was Established: 2010

Languages: English

The Law Offices of Daniel J. Tripathi Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Business Torts; Trade Secrets; Unfair Competition; Fiduciary Duty; Partnership & Shareholder Disputes; Lease Administration; Commercial Leases; Title Defects; Evictions; Eminent Domain; Probate; Criminal Antitrust; Criminal Conspiracy; Assault; Felonies; Theft Crimes; Fraud; Embezzlement; Professional Licensing Hearings; Battery; Qualified Domestic Relations Orders; Computer Crimes; Tax Issues; Money Laundering; RICO Crimes; Bank Fraud; Bankruptcy Fraud; Corporate Fraud; Health Care Fraud; Securities Fraud; Wire Fraud; Violent Crimes; Mail Fraud; Misdemeanors; Grand Larceny; Manslaughter; Rape; Assault; Shoplifting; Corporate Crimes; Sexual Assault; Stalking; Criminal Harassment; Kidnapping; Burglary; Resisting Arrest; Perjury; Weapons Charges; Violation of Restraining Order; Criminal Mischief; Criminal Trespass; Terrrostic Threats; Indecent Exposure; Prostitution; Graffiti; Disorderly Conduct; Reckless Damage or Destruction; Bad Checks; Animal Cruelty; Vehicular Homicide; Arson; Treason; Obstruction of Justice; Check Fraud; Copyright Infringement; Child Pornography; Forgery; Vandalism; Blackmail.

The Law Offices of Daniel J. Tripathi Areas of Law Description

The Law Offices of Daniel J. Tripathi handles all types of criminal cases, including minor infractions and misdemeanors such as:

– Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Penalties for drunk driving can be harsh, with the penalties increasing from each offense. The most common evidence in DUI cases is the breath alcohol test results. An attorney at The Law Offices of Daniel J. Tripathi can challenge the reliability of any of these alcohol breath testing devices.

– White Collar Crimes

People who have been charged or accused of committing a white-collar crime tend to lose a lot of respect, as their behavior is unexpected and viewed as dishonest and immoral. Mr. Tripathi specializes in complex state and federal criminal cases, including, but not limited to computer crimes, drug crimes, money laundering, and all fraud cases.

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